Our business continuity services act like your digital safety net; when life throws a curveball – whether it’s a power outage, a cyber-attack, or even a global pandemic – we’ll keep your business  running smoothly. Think of it as your backup plan, ensuring that your operations stay afloat and your data remains secure, no matter what surprises come your way. It’s all about resilience, so you can weather the storms and keep your business sailing smoothly.

Data Backup and Recovery

Keep Your Operations Uninterrupted

In an unpredictable world, ensuring your business keeps running is crucial. Our business continuity services are designed to safeguard your operations in the face of disruptions, from natural disasters to cyberattacks. We provide a comprehensive strategy that includes disaster recovery planning, data backup, and crisis management. You can be confident that your business will stay resilient, no matter what challenges come your way.

Direct to Cloud Backup

Direct-to-cloud backup is your digital safety net. It’s like a magic portal that securely whisks your data off to the cloud, so you don’t have to worry about losing your important stuff. No more fumbling with external hard drives or managing on-site servers – your data goes straight to a secure cloud server where it’s protected and ready for you to access whenever you need it. Simple, smart, and worry-free!

Cloud to Cloud Backup

Like having a backup buddy for your digital life in the cloud, a cloud to cloud backup ensures that even if one cloud platform hiccup or data mishap occurs, your files are safely duplicated to another cloud service. Just like having a friend who saves your favorite photos or work documents when you accidentally delete them, it gives you that extra peace of mind. It’s the ultimate backup buddy for your digital world!

Direct to Cloud Backup + Replication

Much like our direct to cloud backup but with an additional on-site safeguard to expedite recovery times ensuring your business is back up and running in not time! Your most important data is replicated to our on-site recovery appliance before being zapped to the cloud. In the event of a hardware failure or ransomware attack, the on-site appliance can quickly replace your server almost as though nothing happened in the first place.

Office Manager - Dental Clinic

Knowing that our patients’ data is safely backed up gives us such peace of mind. TechOne also ensures that our data is safely retained to meet our HIPAA requirements at no additional cost. Super reliable, super easy, and a total must-have for anyone who values their data. 

Administrator - Grain Elevator

TechOne’s backup services have been a total game-changer for us. All of our important stuff is safely floating in the cloud, and incase of emergency we can access it from anywhere, anytime. No more worries about losing files or juggling external drives. It’s hassle-free and gives me peace of mind. Thumbs up all the way! 👍😊

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