Working with one of our advisors is like having your own personal tech guru on speed dial. When you’re stuck in a tech pickle or looking to make smart decisions about your digital journey, our experts have your back. We’ll break down the geeky jargon into plain English and help you make sense of all those techie options. It’s like having a GPS for your tech path, guiding you toward smarter choices, cost savings, and tech wizardry. So, if you’re ready to make your tech life less confusing and more awesome, TechOne is your go-to sidekick.

Consulting & Planning

Navigating the Digital Age with Expertise

Whether you’re a business aiming to harness the latest tech trends, an organization seeking to optimize processes, or an individual looking to make the most of your digital tools, our team is here to guide you. Let’s navigate the digital terrain together to enhance your efficiency, innovation, and ultimately, your competitive edge. Your tech future starts here.

Strategy and Planning

Assessing your IT needs and developing a customized plan to meet those needs.

Implementation and Deployment

Helping your team select and implement hardware, software, and networking solutions that align with your business objectives

System Integration

Ensuring that different IT systems work together seamlessly to improve efficiency and productivity

Office Manager - Dental Clinic

We reached out to TechOne when our computers started to slow down. We didn’t have the budget to replace everything at once so they helped us put together a plan to replace our machines a few at a time over a 9 month period and everything went super smooth. I’d highly recommend TechOne!

Owner - Construction

TechOne provided services to my former employer so when I decided to build an office of my own I made the decision to rely on them to help plan the networking. Brandon made sure we had enough space to neatly and securely organize our network space, worked with the electricians to ensure all the wiring was where it needed to be, and setup our rack. It’s clean, secure and fast.

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